Friday, April 9, 2010

I have finally ended my work at my mum's place..
so stress there..everyone is working like mad.. OT OT almost everyday..
when it is to the end.. when everyone can start to relax.. much more orders came in..
everyone have to start working like mad.. luckily.. i'm leaving already..
my poly life is starting.. so excited about it. dunno how it will be in poly when all the teaching methods are different..
hope everything will go smoothly..
people in MIT in the purchasing department 加油!! things will go by quickly.
don't faint!! take care of your health..
pick up some activities so de stress..
as they always say work hard and play hard..
会奖励你们的啦。。 maybe you will get bonus..!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

i am selected to be a casheir at the robinson expo after a interview.
but the pay is not really. i don mind.. quite a good experience.
going to get my o level results. i feel so nervous, i scared i cant score well.
today i went for ngee ann open house with my cousin wen wen. she is a student there.!
had a great time, i got to know more info of courses that i want to go...

school starts but i don need to go to school, this feeling is weird.. don you feel the same way? haha....

oh ya... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to wen wen and sharon.. hope that wishes will come true!!

to all my friends.. a gentle reminder.. my birthday is coming too.. haha..
hint: 31/1/1993

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm so bored... no work to do... now only taking some assignments of waitress..
no money... cant buy things that i want...i want a good job!!!
went for some interview.. send resume.. all reply must wait till next week.. ah!!!
i want to earn money ASAP... i got lots of things to buy...

friends are working .. no one to go out with, really feel like going shopping..
chat with with friends.... :(